Sunday, March 10, 2013

Potato Mezhukkupuratti and My First LEIBSTER Award

Stir Fried Potato /Potato Mezhukkupuratti

  • potato(chopped into thin long strips)-2
  • small onion- 5,sliced
  • green chilly (slit)-2
  • garlic-2 pods,chopped
  • dry red chilly-2
  • curry leaves-1 sprig
  • turmeric powder-a pinch
  • pepper powder-half tsp
  • salt to taste
  • oil - as needed
  • wash and peel the potatoes.slice potatoes into thin long strips.Leave the slices in water to avoid discoloration.
  • Heat oil in a pan.Add sliced small onions,green  chillies,chopped garlic,curry leaves and.Saute well.
  • Now add turmeric powder and red chillies and stir.
  • Add potato slices and salt into this.Close with a lid.Add 1/4 cup water.cook on a low flame.
  • Make sure that potatoes are not overcooked.  
  •  Once it is cooked,remove the lid and add pepper powder and stir fry for few more minutes in a low flame.Sprinkle coconut oil to get the real taste and aroma.
Serve hot with Rice...
  I was very happy to receive my first award from my friend Rafeeda of SWEETTOOTHRAF.It was really a surprise to me.Thank you so much for finding my blog and more than that you recognized my recently started blog.It was really a great honor to me from Rafeeda,who had a very nice blog with delicious recipes.She passed me this award one week before.But i couldn't update it .I was too much busy with some other important works.Now I am back to my normal routines.
There are some rules for receiving this award.They are as follows.......
  1. write 11 random facts about yourself.
  2. answer the 11 questions provided by the award giver
  3. select 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers in their list for presenting the award and mention them in your post.
  4. create 11 questions that the bloggers will need to answer.
  5. tell the person who nominated you  along with the 11persons you have nominated.
Eleven Random Facts About Myself 
  1. I am a friendly and honest person
  2. I am pride to be an Indian
  3.  I had a bad temper but i can control it through doing Yoga.
  4. I love relationships than anything else in this beautiful world.
  5. I love traveling  and cooking and love to taste food from different countries.
  6. I don't like to watch sports.Actually I don't have the patience to sit fora long time in front of the Tv.
  7.  I have a degree in Electronics engineering and did this after my graduation in Chemistry.But never interested in busy life and money,not doing work.
  8.  I don't like to depend on anybody else except my hubby.
  9. I choose friends very carefully.
  10. I hate dishonest and liars people.
  11.  I always had a dream of becoming a famous business woman and hopes to fulfill it soon,if GOD allows..... 
Now the answers to the questions of Rafeeda
  1.  Yes...there are times when it stays in different poles.
  2.  My favorite food is Pearl spot fish mappas with palappam.
  3. I love to collect coins and seashells.I like gardening too.
  4. I will call the supermarket and order the items or wait for the next shopping.  
  5. When my day doesn't turn out as i planned .
  6.  A job without leave,on call,busy.....
  7.  I want to stop fighting with my hubby for silly reasons.
  8. 10
  9. Intuitive
  10. Drinking coffee
  11. Embrace natural,ambient light to show off fresh ingredients.Use colourful ingredients and off- white plates to serve up.shoot quickly,especially when dealing with heat.
 Questions for my 11 Blogger Friends
  1. What inspired you to start a blog?
  2. where do you prefer to live,a city or in a village?
  3. what is your favorite food?
  4. Whose food you like,your mother's or mom in law's?why?
  5. Name one favorite dessert?
  6. what is the most memorable moment in your life? 
  7. Favorite quote?
  8. Describe yourself in a sentence?
  9. Name one favorite fruit? 
  10. Which is your favorite holiday spot? 
  11. What is the best food you ever had?
I would like to share this AWARD with  the following bloggers
  2. Kottayam Ruchi 
  3.  Lekshmi's Adukkala
  4. Priyazanil  
  6. My Space My Taste My World
  7.  Sreeja's Kitchen 
  8. Neetu's Tasty Treats
  9. The Malabar Kitchen 
  10. Suma's Recipes 
  11. Anyone can Cook 
I had a tough time to decide 11 bloggers who had very few followers.These bloggers have less than 200 followers like me.They have very good recipes.Friends, please visit their space  and find some good recipes.
Once again Thank you so much Rafeeda for this..... 
                             Eagerly waiting to read my award 
winners answers...



  1. congrats on your award. I am your new follower. potato mezhukkupuratti looks fab. glad if you visit my space and join.

    1. Thanks Sabeena for your lovely comment....

  2. haha... stop fighting with hubby for silly reasons... ditto!!! glad to know more about u... :)

  3. Thanks Rafeeda for your good advice....i will try to avoid...hahaha

  4. Hey Lotus,

    Thank you so much for the lovely award. I am now a proud follower of your blog! If you like me, do follow me too!

    God bless!


  5. I have now updated the award in my blog. Do chk it out wen u get a chance! Thank u so much once again. God bless!!


  6. Wow. Its so mouth-watering. I am going to prepare it just tonight. Thanks for this post

    1. Thanks Ethnic food for your lovely comment. ....Let me know your feedback. ..
      Happy Cooking! !!

  7. Very good recipe.. Nice..Thanx for the award..